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Director : Mr. Sripalan Chandra Mohan

Secretary : Ms. Latha Mohankumar


Sripalan Chandra Mohan

an Engineer by profession has an extensive background and experience in Strategic Planning, International Business Relations, Finance, and Marketing. From an entrepreneur in computer hardware industry in 1980s, he diversified his business interests, focusing on the non-banking financial sector. Since the turn of the century his interests and vision have gradually shifted towards opportunities that promote social and environmental sustainability.
His commitment towards providing high-quality and affordable education has been the driving force in YBIS renewed vigor over the last few years.


"Focusing on centrality of activities and innovative practices simultaneously dissolving of boundaries between subject areas and thematic linkages."

"To resound values enshrined in our culture adaptable to today’s demands making our children adept to current scientific and social temper with aesthetic sensibilities."


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News & Updates
Academic Planner 2014-2015  

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Samuel Vijay Doss Kirthana of Grade 5-A has participated in the Global Art International 2014 @ SMX Aura, Manil...

Results of Dance Competition held on  27th October 2014 Grade Name Position K1A Do...

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